Visit the Easton Farmer’s Market!


Spring on the Eastern shore is full of exciting events, but one of the local favorites is the reopening of the farmer’s market in Easton.  Every Saturday, from April 15 through December 16, on the 100 block of Harrison Street, just down the street from the Avalon theater, you can find an array of vendors offering everything from locally made bread to homemade dog treats to Alaskan fish.

What makes our farmer’s market so special?  Let’s start with the venue.  The market is very convenient to abundant parking, just across the street.  There is usually a crossing guard to help navigate Harrison Street on a busy Saturday morning.  But in Easton, drivers know to stop at the crosswalk, and will wave you across with a smile.

When you come to the market, you will notice that many people make it a family affair, with kids in tow, or their fur-babies on a leash.  Everyone is welcome.  Some shoppers are there with a list, ready to “get in and get out”, hitting their favorite stalls to buy eggs, seasonal produce, fresh baked goods and plants.  But other shoppers are there to meander and peruse.  These folks won’t be disappointed.  Shoppers can grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee on most mornings at the Rise Up stall, and then try the delicious samples which vendors offer to tempt you with their special offerings.  There are also a variety of artisans selling things like amazing natural soaps, local honey, hand crafted jewelry, and art of all types.  These vendors rotate in and out throughout the season, so no two Saturdays are the same.

All of this happens with live music in the background.  Every week there is a new performer from 10:30-12:30, which can be enjoyed just wandering through the market.  Some even sit and watch the performances, especially the young children who can often be seen dancing as their families finish the rounds.

Many vendors offer organic produce, free range poultry and eggs, and wild caught fish flash frozen and flown in to Easton.  Below is a list of potential vendors, but don’t be surprised to see newcomers in 2023!

Triangle Acres – local produce

Black Bottom Farms LLC – Pastured heritage pork, pastured rose veal and pastured poultry

Time to Paws – homemade dog treats

Oksana’s Produce Farm – fermented vegetables such as: sauerkrauts, kimchee, dill pickles, fermented chow chow, cauliflower, green tomatoes

Rise Up Coffee Roasters – locally roasted coffee

Priapi Gardens – organic produce

The Oxford Market – breads, soups, pies

Beasley’s Farms – local produce

Gingersnap Farm – pies, cakes, cookies, famous tomato tart

The Bay Mushrooms

CD Produce – local produce

Dorchester Crab Co. – locally sourced crabmeat and softshells

Harris Farms, Inc. – local produce

Old World Breads – breads, cookies

Hag Grill – freshly made to order Pakistani food

Chesapeake Soaps & Apiaries – soaps, lotions, honey, bee pollen

Fluharty Knives – custom made knives

Honeybee Flower Farm – locally grown cut flowers

Joan’s Gems – handmade jewelry

Good Life Gardens – bulb iris and perennials

Alaskawild Seafood – wild caught Alaskan fish

Lyon Distilling – Rum

Pamela’s Heavenly Treats Granola – homemade granola

Capturing Nature’s Images – photographic art

Blades Orchard – peaches, apples and hard cider

Salter’s Chesapeake Gourmet – gourmet salad dressings and pub sauces

Harrington’s Nursery – local produce, vegetable plants and potted perennials

How-Wood Products, LLC – Functional Art, Wood Products individually crafted by Howard H. Hughes of Easton. 410-819-8115.

Chapel’s Country Creamery, Easton, MD – Local Cheese made with all natural ingredients. 410-820-6647.


The list of vendors above was found at Easton Farmers Market – Easton, Maryland (  Check out the site for updates on the farmers market in Easton.


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